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Your Testing Source

Whitbeck Labs is a full-service, private, commercial laboratory specializing in service to the poultry industry.  Our core testing consists of microbiology, chemistry and serology testing.  This unique combination of lab services allow us to offer the complete testing solutions you need, under one roof, with unprecedented turn-around times.

  • As the project continues to advance, the interior walls are beginning to take shape.  This is an exciting step as it lets us see the final size of the labs and rooms.  It won’t be long before there is a roof in place and the......

  • The steel framework is on-site and the building is going up.  ...

  • Today, the foundation is being poured.  This is a big step in the process that starts to allow us to see the size.  The project is still on track with a completion date scheduled for the end of August.  After the pad is poured comes......

  • The foundation and parking lot is beginning to take shape.  This is a view from the back of the building.  To the left is the back parking lot and to the right will be the rear of the building....

At Your Computer, or On the Go.

Get your results online, as soon as they are available.

  • Results are what you need.

We provide the fastest possible access to your results whether you are at your office, at your home, or on the road.

  • No additional costs!

Our online access is secure and only you can access your results.  All of this at no additional charge.


Get Results Fast

Don’t let slow labs determine your productivity or prevent you from shipping product.  Give us a try today and experience the fastest in turn-around times.